Welcome to Norfolk Fitness

At NFC, we are a full-service training facility with over 9000 square feet of workout space including cardio and weight machines, free weights, and a functional training area. We also have personal training services for anyone looking for something extra to add to their routine. We have a little bit of everything for everyone.

***An update from the staff and management of Norfolk Fitness Centre***

September 3, 2020

It’s official, we are opening Tuesday September 8th at 6 am!!!!!!!!!!!!

As mentioned in our last update, we have heard from many of you about your state of mind and intentions about returning to the gym. Many of you have indicated that you want to leave your memberships on hold and want to wait and see how things unfold over the fall months. To all of you who have contacted us, thank you for keeping us up to date, your memberships will remain on hold. We will be ready for you when you are ready to come back. And to those of you who are chomping at the bit to get back, we are ready!

Here are some things everyone needs to know:

Our Hours of Operation have been amended slightly from the last update.

  • Monday – Friday: 6 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Seniors can use the facility during any and all hours that the gym is open, they will also have a dedicated hour each day from 10 am – 11 am – no one under the age of 60 will be allowed into the facility during this time.

Please note, that this is a re-opening schedule – we want to start slowly and make sure we can handle the traffic flow, we can keep the facility clean and we can keep everyone safe. We know that there are some of you who will not like these hours and will want them expanded right back to the way they were before – we will get there! Just remember that these hours of operation are temporary. Please work with us in this regard.

The municipal by-law is in effect meaning that masks are always mandatory inside the facility. The exemption to this in a fitness facility is very similar to what it is in a restaurant. As you enter, move about, and exit the facility you must wear your mask. It can be removed while you are actively engaging in athletic or fitness activity. There is an exemption, but we are hoping that everyone will always try to keep their masks on. It’s pretty simple. If you want the gym to remain open, let’s minimize any possible contamination by wearing your mask, cleaning your equipment, and cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer while you visit the facility.

Session durations will start precisely on the hour and will last for a maximum of 55 minutes inside the building. (You will not be able to reserve back to back hour time slots.)

If you are late for your session you will not be allowed to add extra time. Everyone will get a 15-minute warning and then an escort out 5 minutes before the 1-hour mark. Everyone will need to be out of the facility on the hour or prior to allow for social distancing and a smooth transition for the next group coming in. If you want to work out for longer than your hour, you can leave with the group and see if there are walk-in spots available for the next time slot. Abuse of staff enforcing this policy will not be tolerated. You will be given one friendly warning. A second offence or any kind of belligerent behaviour, including refusing to leave (Just one more set, etc.) will result in termination of all privileges and access to the facility.

If you need to pay for a visit, purchase or renew your membership, or you want to take care of any other accounting and administrative details, you must come early. We will not be processing these types of requests during the entry or exit of members and guests from the facility. We strongly suggest doing these types of transactions between the 10-minute mark and the 45-minute mark of the hour. If you come to the desk on the hour of your session time trying to purchase or renew you membership on entry, you will be asked to step aside until everyone waiting has been brought upstairs, and remember, you will dig into your 55 minute workout time – time will not be added onto your session. You will still be escorted out at the 55-minute mark.

The plan is to have all session bookings made online with our new online Norfolk Fitness Centre app. It is now live, and you can find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have loaded either one on your device, in the search bar, type in Norfolk Fitness Centre. A few different apps may come up. Find the app with our logo on it and download it onto your device (it’s free). Once you have it downloaded, open it, and register as a user. Once you get it loaded in the system it’s pretty easy to reserve your 55-minute time slot. Call the office if you have any concerns getting the app loaded properly. You can also call in to make your reservation.

All guests of the facility must clean the equipment they are using both before and after they are done using it. Failure to adhere to this policy will mean an immediate termination of membership for that guest and all entry privileges to the facility will be revoked without refund. We cannot stress enough how critical this point is. We need everyone’s help and for everyone to do their part to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our community.

  • Only 25 people will be allowed upstairs in the gym at a time. If 25 people have reserved a time slot in advance, no walk-ins will be allowed for that 1 hour-slot.
  • Change rooms will NOT be opened for use. There will NOT be shower facilities available for use. You must come to the club ready to work out and head out immediately after your time slot. The desk will NOT be holding ANY personal items for guests. Please leave all personal belongings including jackets, bags, and back-packs in your vehicle or at home.
  • The water fountain is shut off – bring your own beverage or coin for the Gatorade machine
  • We have spaced out our cardio machinery and weight equipment upstairs to assist with social distancing.
  • We have installed numerous hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility.
  • We have replaced our Ecolab sanitizer chemical with an Ecolab disinfectant that kills the Covid-19 virus. We will clean everything, using our new disinfectant, continuously during our hours of operation. All cleaning bottles for guest use will also use this disinfectant.
  • All financial transactions at the facility will now be electronic only. We will not be accepting cash/coin/cheque as a payment method. We will only accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit card.

Unfortunately, availability of some services and amenities will be temporarily suspended. We have decided to not open the pool area until all social distancing restrictions have been permanently removed. The sauna and hot tub are both less than 6 feet across and will not be able to re-open until all social distancing restrictions are relaxed. Racquetball is an activity that is still not approved because of proximity of the players and will be unavailable. High intensity cardio fitness classes will not resume right away. We hope to offer low cardio intensity classes focusing on yoga, stretch and core in October. Watch this website for updates.

Please note that all pre-paid memberships were put on pause effective March 17, 2020. No one has lost any time on their membership. Please also note that we decided to NOT start the clock on everyone’s membership yet. Only those people that come in to use the facility will have their memberships re-activated at that time. All members who were enrolled in a pre-authorized payment plan, those payments will not resume until you re-activate your membership by visiting the facility or through a pre-arrangement.

For all questions or clarification, please email me at ken@travelodgesimcoe.com