Welcome to Norfolk Fitness


NFC is a full-service training facility with over 9000 square feet of workout space including cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights.  We’ve got a little bit of everything, for everyone.

To all of our valued members and guests:

The gym officially re-opened (after lockdown #4) January 31, 2022 and we are completely back to our regular hours! There are no longer any limits or restrictions. Fitness facilities can operate at 100% capacity, and guests no longer need to provide a vaccination passport or to scan your QR code to get in. You are also no longer required to wear a mask anywhere inside the facility  – but some people still choose to. We will respect your decision to wear one if you want to or if you don’t. 

If you haven’t been back in a while, please come and check out all of the renovations and improvements we made – not to mention some of the new equipment we purchased. We hope to see you soon!